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Platinum Worksite Benefits, Inc. (PWB), has provided insurance products to members of the Commissioned Officers Association (COA) since 2009. To learn more about your options, schedule a consultation with your benefits counselor today

Trusted Benefits, Tailored to your Needs

We provide COA members with group and voluntary benefit packages that optimize and improve the quality and scope of benefits provided by the State.
Stay a step ahead of hospitalization costs, income instability, and other unforeseen issues that may arise in your family’s life.
Members will enjoy the convenience of payroll deduction as well as liberal underwriting for each of these insurance benefits.

COA provides a $16,000 basic life insurance policy to its members at no cost through Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company. Please contact the benefits counselor to make any beneficiary changes.
As a member of COA, you are also eligible for up to $500,000 (or 5x base salary) in voluntary term life from Boston Mutual. Medical underwriting is required outside of an approved open enrollment period. This benefit is payroll deducted.
Both of these policies terminate upon retirement. Members should contact PWB for information on portability and conversion options.

Comprehensive Coverage Enhancements

You dedicate a lot of time, effort, and passion to your job. Your family deserves assurances that they will be taken care of no matter what happens. At PWB, in working with Boston Mutual and Trustmark insurance companies, we provide voluntary benefits that can help protect against potential financial hardships such as disabilities, accidents, and hospitalizations.

Competitive, Cost-Effective Benefits

We work together with the COA to make insuring yourself and your family easier. With great rates on a wide range of products, the ability to deduct premiums directly from your paycheck, and access to high-quality benefits, the peace of mind that COA employees deserve has never been this affordable.

30 Years of Industry Expertise

The PWB team has been in the MA insurance and benefits markets for over 30 years communicating voluntary benefits. During this time, we’ve learned exactly what families like yours are looking for and have tailored our products to deliver the highest-quality benefit solutions.

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An illness or injury shouldn’t lead to financial ruin for you and your family. Protect your income with a disability policy that provides benefits for up to 12 months due to covered non-occupational injury and sickness, including pregnancy.
For those members who currently have our disability benefit, please realize your coverage does not automatically increase with your salary. Please contact your PWB benefits counselor to update.

Accident Coverage

Accident Insurance provides a 24-hour coverage benefit that pays you directly in cash if you or a covered family member is injured in an accident.


This includes benefits for initial care, injuries, hospitalizations, follow-up care, transportation, and lodging.  A health screening rider for either $50 or $100 per year per covered person is included for more than a dozen health screening tests.  Coverage is portable and also available for spouses, children, and dependent grandchildren.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential component of any good financial plan, particularly if you are the primary income earner in your family. Trustmark’s universal life plan is permanent and portable protection that provides cash value and has living benefits for long-term care and home health care.

Contact a PWB benefit counselor for information and sign up with just a few simple medical questions – there are no intrusive exams or tests required.  Coverage is portable and also available for spouses, children, and dependent grandchildren.

Critical Illness Plan

When dealing with a critical illness or cancer diagnosis, the last thing you want to worry about is finances.  Hospital bills, mortgage payments, and other expenses can quickly turn a bad situation worse.  The Trustmark Cancer/Critical Illness plan pays a lump-sum cash benefit directly to you for covered critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, occupational HIV, or stroke.  The health screening benefit provides cash back for one screening test per covered person per calendar year.  Specified tests are covered up to $100, including mammograms, pap smears, prostate screening, and colonoscopy.  The plan is portable, and coverage can be included for spouses and children.


Contact a PWB benefit counselor for more details or to review your benefits and take advantage of the health screening rider.


Hospital Coverage

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has shown that the need for hospitalization can often come when we least expect it.  Trustmark’s Hospital Stay Pay© policy pays a first-day stay benefit of up to $3,000, providing a financial cushion when you need it most.  Pays you cash to help pay your deductible, for extra medical expenses, groceries, childcare, or anything else you might need.  


Coverage is portable and is also available for spouses and children.  Be sure to contact the PWB benefit counselor to find out more information about this plan. 

If you are a current insured, please be sure to speak to a PWB benefits counselor to update your salary and beneficiary information.

Ready to discuss your options?

PWB has over 30 years of experience in the MA group and voluntary benefits market. Take advantage of convenient payroll deductions and meetings with a benefits counselor either in person at your place of employment, or via telephone or zoom.


To discuss options with a benefits counselor, call 1-800-445-4493, or schedule a consultation using the button below

When it comes to coverage, there’s strength in numbers.

By offering our products to more than 30,000 public-sector employees in Massachusetts, our benefit counselors are able to provide insurance products that work for you and your family.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what these Platinum Worksite Benefits customers had to say about their coverage.

“I was reluctant to meet with the PWB benefit counselor when they were having policy reviews in my department; but I am so happy I did!  After talking with the benefit counselor and reviewing coverages which I had signed up for over the past years, we found that my critical illness plan from Trustmark covered  a medical condition of a family member –  this resulted in a claim check of $45,000.” 

“The opportunity to meet with my benefit counselor, David, at work was so convenient. He helped me prioritize the voluntary benefits that I needed most based upon my personal financial situation. Also, having premiums automatically deducted from my paycheck keeps it convenient.” 

From our benefit counselors: 

“Our insureds collect tens of thousands of dollars yearly from the Trustmark Health Screening Benefit.  If you have a critical illness or accident policy with Trustmark, find out how to submit your reimbursement for a wellness visit such as a mammogram, colonoscopy, and annual physical.  There are more than 10 routine health screening tests covered by this benefit.”